Ever notice that during certain times of the year your hair seems to fall out in clumps?

The typical human head has an estimated 100,000-150,000 hairs on it- with the loss per day averaging around 50. During certain times of the year, though, you may find that you are losing 2-4 times more hair than usual because of seasonal hair shedding. Dont panic!

Losing hair typically occurs because there is a variation in the suns intensity that impacts melatonin and hormone secretion during seasonal changes. The process increases the resting phase of hair growth, hence the extra loss of locks.

Here is how to evaluate your own hair shedding. Before washing, run your fingers through your hair, gently pulling at the ends to see if any is removed.

If you are losing:

Less than 10 hairs – Normal

10-15 hairs – Beginning of seasonal shedding

More than 15 hairs – Shedding is in full swing, so stuff the straightener and cool the coloring. This would also be a great time to take a multivitamin.

Bottom line: Dont fret if you are losing more hair than usual around the time the weather changes. Just keep up with a quick home remedy - using a bowl and cotton, apply warm oil to your scalp and massage gently with relaxing strokes or have a Alchemy hair spa to strengthen your scalp and hair roots with healthy nutrients, a warm steam and massage for a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience.