Deep Tissue Massage at Uber med spa

Naveen N - Sarjapur Resident

I’ve had massages before, but never deep tissue. In the hope of getting rid of my back pain and stiffness, I booked an appointment at the new Uber medspa. Unlike my previous Swedish massage, "ahhhhhs", this was more of an, "owwww." My therapist Wasim did quite a number on me - digging in elbows, forearms, hands, fingers, and thumbs - all in an effort to relieve me of my bunched-up back.

Deep tissue massage focuses on loosening the tight connections in the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and the protective layer around the muscles, bones and joints. Although removing those naughty knots can be a bit painful, the results are worth the discomfort. SO.... I DID SOME RESEARCH TO FIND OUT HOW DEEP TISSUE REALLY WORKS.....

Besides getting a mini-break from screaming kids, workplace woes and hectic schedule, deep tissue massage has the following benefits:

  • Releases chronic muscle tension
  • Reduces stress hormones and heart rate
  • Boosts mood due to release of oxytocin and serotonin
  • Improves immune system function
  • Releases body toxins

Deep massage may also have a few side effects including soreness, slight bruising, and mild headache – all of which are short-lived (less than 1 hour). Make sure to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and prevent post rubdown dehydration.

Although I am a bit sour, I already feel more range of motion and less tightness in my back, shoulders and neck. Cheers to the magic of massage! Thanks Uber, I already scheduled my next wellness session.

Uber is a refreshing spa experience which I will cherish and love. The massages are cool and are truly stress busters.


Uber’s hair spa and salon are the best in style and services. It is pretty good and done by well-trained stylists.


Thank you Uber. My skin looks perefct and radiant after a skin rejuvenation treatment.